All of our quotes come in well under MSRP.



Black Tires Inc. retails brand new tires for wholesale prices in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re on the market for one set or you represent a small to midsize local tire shop, Black Tires Distribution shares bulk purchase savings with all of our clients. We personally generate custom quotes based on the clients needs and budget.

Each client gets the final price right off the bat, no hidden fees or last minute surprises. Please note that Black Tires Distribution Inc. sells a minimum of two tires and full payment must be received prior to the tires being shipped. Average tire delivery takes three business or less for addresses within the Greater Toronto Area. Layaway payment options are available.

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The Black Tires team is committed to improving road safety in the GTA and surrounding communities by way of offering great car, truck and trailer tires for less. We only sell brand new tires directly from each brand’s local Distribution Centres which means no dry rot or old stock tires and all the tires sold by Black Tires Inc. are covered by manufacture’s warranty and road side assistance options.

  • We make getting high value tires convenient
  • Our quotes are routinely hundreds of dollars less than dealerships and big box stores
  • Average tire delivery takes three business days
  • We only sell fresh new tires no deadstock rubber
  • We’ll always respect your time


  • Do my tires need to be changed?

    If your tire tread looks warn, your tires aren’t preforming at their best. And if you notice less than optimal fuel economy or you feel abnormal vibrations and or wobbling, its time to update your tires.

  • Do I need Winter Tires when I have All Seasons?

    Yes, we recommended Winter Tires during the winter months. Many auto insurance companies provide discounts because of the added security they provide. If you have brand new All Seasons tires going into winter season you’ll be fine on most days.

  • Are these tires covered by warranty?

    Yes, all of our tires come directly from certified distribution hubs with manufacture warranty included. Fresh rubbers make a huge difference in a tire’s performance. A lot of tire retailers sell old stock tires which are prone to dry riot and premature failure.

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